Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - The Business Model for Start Ups?

Getting started online can be VERY Confusing! With so many different ways to get started and so many "opportunities" bombarding your inbox each and every day, it can become daunting to some.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to get started for many reasons!

1) You don't have to invent the product 2) You don't have to worry about customer service and delivery 3) You don't have to be concerned with technical support if appropriate to the product 4) The market research has been done in part for you already (more on that soon) 5) Some tools are already provided, like graphics, text, and even content in come cases

There are many other good reasons too, but we are focused on these right now!

The simple fact that you do not have to create the product in the first instance saves you time and money. This already puts you ahead of the typical starting your own business model...

Typically in the regular business environment, you need, stock, fixtures and fittings if in a shop or office, you need to spend money on product design, creation, marketing, shipping, the list goes on.

With affiliate marketing, even with physical shipped goods, none of that is your concern in terms of effort, cost etc.

The Priority advice I can give here is that if you are promoting physical goods, you actually order from the company you will be promoting for a couple of reasons.

A) You know the quality of the goods yourself BEFORE you recommend them! B) You get to see how good customer service is, delivery times and condition etc. C) You learn something about the company that you can use in your "review of their services"

This makes the business start up costs for you as low as they possibly could be! And with the many FREE traffic sources openly available these days, you could actually launch your online business for as little as $100 to cover hosting and email account set up etc.

In the history of business, no other opportunity has been so openly available to the massesacross such a broad marketplace as with affiliate marketing.

You can sell virtually anything as an affiliate. Just enter the product arena you wish to work within along with the words affiliate program tagged on the end into your favourite search engine, and you will be likely to find a relevant program to promote.

But getting started with Learn4Profit , we recommend you focus on Digital Delivery to start if you can, simply as this will increase your earning potential, and your ease of promotion!

Are you the right kind of person to work online in your own business as an Affiliate Marketer?

Do you have the commitment, the drive, the passion to work for yourself, the edge to keep going when it gets tough (and it pretty much always does at some point)..
Being an affiliate marketer, is the perfect starting point, in other articles, we look at how you find your first product market, the importance of passion and knowledge, but the simplicity of getting started.

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