Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Affiliate Income

Many Internet marketers suggest that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. I believe that it is best to have a roadmap to learn how to do something. There are several steps that if you follow them will help you to make money online through affiliate marketing and making affiliate money. This article will show you six steps to making money online the affiliate way.

The first step in making money online the affiliate way is to choose a product to market. I always suggest that you start out selecting a product that you are interested in or that you have some knowledge or expertise in. This just makes it easier to get started and easier to stick with. I am interested in Internet marketing and making money online, so I started looking for courses that taught something about making money online. Maybe you are interested in dogs. You might look for products about dogs to market.

The second step is to setup and create a website. Now I do present this as the second step, but I want to make it clear that you can be an affiliate and not have your own website. However, I believe that to be the most successful, you are going to want to have a website. By having a website, you can get traffic, presell you customers, and then send the customers to the affiliate site. When you create your website, you will have a domain name, and a hosting company that will hold your webpages, email autoresponder and have high speed access to the Internet so that your customer will be able to access this site.

The third step to making money online the affiliate way is to get traffic to your website. Now it is important to make note that we don't just want traffic for the sake of getting traffic, but we want traffic coming to our site that are interested in what we have to promote. This type of traffic is called targeted traffic. If I am interested in dog products, I certainly won't be visiting a horse product site.

The fourth step is to create an email list of customers. You will be able to use this list to offer other products to. This list will have an email address for the different people that have come to your site and actually given you their name and address.

The fifth step will be to assess your conversions. There are different types of conversions, with the main one being the percentage of people that visit your site divided by the number of sales. Another article will be devoted the understanding conversions.

The sixth step is a step that you will spend a lot of time doing after the initial set-up. This will be tracking your results. The main measurement that I want to know is how much did I make and was it a loss or did I make a profit. I want to know how many people came to my site. I also want to know where the visitors came from. That way, I will be able to determine which sources I should continue to use. The next measurement that I want to check on is how many people did I add to my list. For those that I added to my list, I also want to find what percentage of those people purchased a product. Finally I want to take a look at my money. I need to find out how much did I spend in advertising and then how much money did I actually take in.

These are the steps to make money online the affiliate way. Further articles will be written surrounding each of these steps. Each of these steps will be used in the process of making money online the affiliate way.

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